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Frequency Control Products

VTC offers the broadest product spectrum for quartz crystals, oscillators, VCXOs, crystal filters, SAW devices, piezoelectric ceramic devices and other timing devices, covering package style and frequency range, with ISO certification and world class manufacturing they are well positioned to support the growing needs in frequency controls.

Our Main Products are Available

Products Description Details
Crystal Resonator Both thru-hole and miniature surface mount crystal resonators, frequency from 1.8MHz to 200MHz, wide range of packages and specifications to suit the vast majority of applications. Product List
Crystal Oscillator Most common type of crystal oscillator used and find application in virtually every aspect of the electronics industry. Standard full-size and half size, frequency from 1MHz to 100MHz, TTL and HCMOS compatible output. Product List
VCXO Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator, widely used in telecommunications, instrumentation and other electronic equipment where a stable but electrically tunable oscillator si required. Product List
TCXO Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator, frequency from 6MHZ to 25MHz, very good temperature stability in compact packages. Product List
OCXO Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator, offer higher stability and better phase noise specification than TCXO and other crystal oscillators. Product List
Crystal Filter Monolithic Crystal Filter and other packaged crystal filter, with excellent inter-modulation characteristics. Product List
SAW Filter Surface Acoustic Wave Filter, small physical size, light weight, wide design flexibility and suitable for high frequency. Product List
SAW Resonator Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator, frequency from 10MHz to 1GHz, allowing small and highly stable oscillation circuits. Product List
Ceramic Products Including ceramic resonators, filters, discriminators and traps, frequency from KHz band to MHz band, low cost and suitable for radio, TV, VTR and other communication equipment. Product List
Crystal Wafer Quartz, LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 crystal wafers, have acoustic-optic and electro-optic properties, widely used for SAW devices and optical devices. Product List

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