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Payment Terms

We are willing to accept several payments terms such as T/T remittances, 100% LC at Site, or Cheques. Our USA office will accept Credit Cards and other payments terms arranged at the time of order placement.

Payment Methods

  • T/T and L/C - This is our preferred method of receiving funds, as it is cheap, fast and secure.

  • Cheque - Cheques must be drawn on a clearing bank, and we need you mail to us safely.

  • Credit Card - Credit cards can be Only accepted by our US office, Vanlong, Inc., for more information, please call Vanlong, Inc. thru (262) 534-2888, or send email to:

  • Cash - Please do not send cash. It is insecure and we do not accept it.

VTC's Authorized Exporter

    China National Aero Technology
    I/E Corp Beijing Co.

Please ensure that payment in the agreed contract or purchase order should reach VTC or VTC's authorized exporter in full, without deduction of charges.

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